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Our professional services are designed to build and manage customizable website complete with google analytics in mind, and add-ons of email marketing, social media and e-commerce solutions if desired. Responsive website and mobile optimized design ensure our solution will give clients the best opportunities to reach their audience. With powerful website integration, marketing tools and analytics, hosting services and personalized service, we will provide a beautiful online presence.

Meet The Team

Chris Quinn
Managing Partner

Chris directs sales strategy and maintains customer performance quotas designed to increase profitability for our clients. Identifies and sets strategies for growth, through market research and competitive analysis, as well as seeking new business opportunities and strategic alliances. He is responsible for website design, development, and maintenance; email marketing and e-commerce solutions.


John Rehkop
Director of Strategy & Analytics

John’s passion for data, competitive spirit and desire to build winning digital campaigns has served our clients well. He is constantly tweaking and testing new strategies to maximize every dollar invested. His unique ability to detailed execution with a broad-based, 360-degree approach means no stone is left unturned when reaching target audiences.


Andy Browning
Technology Director

Andy is responsible for web applications, technical strategy, API integrations and data analysis. He coordinates overall application development and database architecture design. By using multiple disciplines and strategically applying technological solutions, Andy helps our team meet business needs.


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