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How It Works

Conveniently sell rounds of golf on your golf course's website.
Here's how it all works.

Once your golf course becomes an affiliate of system, you will have access to our golf course dashboard interface. Here you will be able to update golf course information, update golf course rates, and build multiple golf course coupons. Contact us at 888.820.4847 or through our sign up form to get your course started today!

How do I update My Rates? You have complete control of all rate information through our dashboard interface. You will be able to adjust rates as often as you like in real time. These rates will immediately be displayed on your website and be available for purchase. You will also be able to enter any time restrictions and rate restrictions within the rate notes fields.

Can I post Coupons to My Site? You can post mulitple customized coupon specials in real time to your website by using Golf Through our online coupon builder, you will enter all pertinent information, including expiration date, price, number of rounds, savings, time restrictions and disclaimer information. A coupon and thumbnail will be produced for each offer, similar to the ones shown on the right.

How many Coupons can I create? The system allows you to create as many coupons as you like for display on your website. We will be glad to help you decide what you want to offer website customers. We can help put together online coupon specials that can fill distressed times on your tee sheet seven days a week.

Can I put Golf Payments on my Third Party Website? The Golf Payments system can be posted on any website, regardless of provider. If your website is maintained by another company, we will provide your webmaster with completely customized HTML code for your website within 48 hours of your registration.

If I don't have a Website for my Golf Course, can I use Golf Payments? Clickit Ventures, Golf Payments' parent company, and a national leader in golf course website development has golf course web packages to fit any budget and can get your golf course website up and running quickly to allow you to take advantage of the Golf Payments system. This will allow you to see what so many Clickit Ventures clients have already discovered.

What happens when a Round of Golf is sold on my Website through the Golf Payments? Golfer buys a round of golf via the website and prints their voucher (receipt). Golfer is instructed to call the course to schedule their tee time (following normal booking procedures). Golfer presents their voucher when checking in at the course for their tee time. Golf course sets all the rates and restrictions that appear on the website along with any coupon specials, similar to running an ad in the newspaper.

How do I get Paid for the Rounds of Golf sold on my Website? At the end of the calendar month, we send your golf course a check for rounds sold minus any commissions. Contact us for more information on commission structure. We want to help drive rounds to your course and because of that, we have set it up so that if we don't sell anything for you, we don't get paid!

Getting Started with as EASY AS 1-2-3!

Contact us at 888.820.4847 or through our sign up form to get your course started today!

Call our offices at 888.820.4847 or fill out our sign up form. Once we have the necessary information about your golf course and website setup, we will be able to get Golf Payments up and running with 48 hours.

Once we receive your golf course registration information, we will be able to provide you with a completely customized Golf Payments module for your website. We can send the code to your webmaster, or if you have access to update your site, we will be glad to assist you.

Through the use of our golf course management dashboard, you will be able to update all of your rate and coupon specials in real time online and have them posted to your website. We will provide you with this login access during the setup process.